Website Management



Website Management is available through
When you have your Domain Name; have chosen your Hosting Package and conceived your site design you will want to put your new website up on the Internet.

How will your website work with the business as a whole?
Who will keep your website up-to-date with pictures and text?
How often should your website be updated? will help you with this.

Website Management

Quick Link: if you know what this is, then just follow this link to

Website Management and a whole lot more


Ideally Website management should be considered as an integral part of the business and marketing plans.

At ManagedWebsites Dot Net we understand that the opportunities for website structure, presentation and optimisation are extensive. Rather than present a simple list of options, we want to sit down with our new and prospective customers and discuss how their website sits in their business & marketing strategy. We need to see how the website fits with products and/or services; marketing strategies; business plan structure and timelines; financial constraints and any other factors applicable to that customer's needs and desires


If you would like an expert to handle it for you then go to , tell them what you want and they'll do all the work for you.